Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy (IFS)

IFS Gives us a road map to navigate our internal world including the various parts of us (that make up our mind, or ego), our self energy and exile parts or traumas that we may have suppressed, forgotten about or hidden away, but that influence our system in a very real way. We use a gentle and safe approach to help our clients understand how their parts interact with the physical body, and we help them develop relationships with their inner world. This means we can get to blockages, stuck beliefs, thought patterns and mind sets as well as the root cause of health conditions and emotional issues and release them.

IFS is an evidence-based therapy brought to the world by Dick Schwartz, a former Family Therapist, who has been pioneering this model for over 30 years. Its a safe and resource driven therapy that gets straight into our system, cultivating relationships between self and parts in a way that creates real, radical shifts and transformations in our lives. This is the future of trauma-releasing focussed therapy that puts the power int he hands of the client and helps them build lasting relationships with their inner world.

Natasha Anand Boojihawon is an experienced Level 1 IFS Practitioner having trained with IFS UK.

Packages & Prices
3 session package – 3 x 90 minute sessions – £270 

Contact or call +44161 877 3124 or +447595583822 for more information.