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Designing & Managing Projects /
Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th April 2016/  9.00am – 5pm / £99

  • The course focuses on incubating multiple ideas – developing them through the planning process in order to identify and design the most accurately ‘fitting’ project- find out more - FOR BUSINESS & SOCIAL PROJECTS
    ‘Designing & Managing Projects’ puts forward a technical and process-driven methodology for designing and managing social and business projects. The course focuses on incubating multiple ideas – developing them through the planning process in order to identify and design the most accurately ‘fitting’ project for specific needs and context. The course also explores tools and techniques for managing the projects and maximising opportunities to make changes and adaptations that lead to a successful project.The course is highly engaging and interactive with opportunities for the delegates to practically apply their skills during the course on a current or live project and gain immediate feedback and confidence.This course has been carefully developed over 5 years by company director Natasha Boojihawon from her own background in education, project management and delivery. It uses advanced techniques aimed at forming real structure and processes around project designing and management for those serious about delivering social or business outcomes. What’s unique? The techniques in this course are distinctive and have been developed through practice with an essential focus on tools for participation and collaborative working. Some of the techniques can be used to determine the necessity and prove the uniqueness of a project or idea to potential funders, investors or stakeholders making it a valuable course. What’s the benefit for you or your organisation? The course gives you assurance that your projects will be managed more efficiently and helps you to develop projects that are aligned with your intended outcomes to achieve greater results and be more effective. Previous delegates have left feeling very confident and positive about their ability to develop ideas into real and meaningful projects and have described the training as an ‘eye opener’.Who is it for? Young peopleStudentsGraduatesPublic or voluntary sector workersPrivate sector workers and companies

    Arts and cultural sector workers

    People who work in businesses


    Project managers and officers

    Individuals wanting to progress in their career


    Learn how to:

    • Achieve performance improvement.
    • Transition from an initial idea to a project ready to take off
    • Initiate the different stages of the project planning cycle.
    • Use practical problem solving techniques.
    • Use new tools and techniques to plan and manage projects.
    • Write a project proposal in a language and format that funders/commissioners/investors understand.
    • Improve your confidence in your ideas and put them into practice.
    • Create sustainable projects.
    • Be efficient in service delivery.
    • Apply these ideas, tools and techniques to a social or business project.

    Designing & Managing Projects /
    Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th April 2016/  9.00am – 5pm

    Location: Union Street Media Arts, 20 East Union Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9EA


    Contact & Booking: Natasha Boojihawon at training@unionstreetmediaarts.com or call 0161 877 3124 for information


    Course Fee(s): £99 per person

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