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Community Development Products & Services


We can work with you to develop a range of projects and programmes with a systematic approach aimed at creating the most appropriate project that is directly aligned to your developmental objectives and principles.

We use an empowering coaching technique to work with your staff and can also facilitate group sessions with interactive and fun activities.

We specialise in working on complex projects that involve multiple partners and incorporate robust outreach and communication strategies, stakeholder and risk analysis as well as campaigning aspects.

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We often facilitate workshops with ambitious outcomes and explore the most challenging and complex issues in fun and creative ways. We create non-judgmental, participative and collaborative environments where people feel safe to put forward opinions and ideas.

Our facilitators are all trained and qualified youth and community workers, social workers, teachers, mentors, coaches, and arts and drama practitioners.

Check out our Online Portfolio of past and current projects involving community development.

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Action Research

Working with both participatory action research and practical action research, our experienced facilitators can work within a variety of contexts and use a range of engagement tools and techniques to ultimately develop strategies to tackle challenging issues, problems or topics.

As part of the project or workshops, we will work with your stakeholders to develop an appropriate interactive inquiry process that works effectively with the participants, balancing problem solving with analysis or research to understand the underlying causes and underpin the structural issues involved.

We are experienced working within community, local authority, confidential, youth and big group settings as well as delivering actions in line with frameworks, regulations and outcomes. 

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We work with a broad range of artists such as drama practitioners, spoken word artists, visual artists, illustrators, film-makers, fine artists, musicians and craft artists that work with people to undertake explorative work and produce creative products.

The artists are available for one-off sessions or project work and can work with you to design a project, programme or service that meets your needs and objectives as well as expectations of stakeholders. The emphasis is on the process of learning, sharing, exploring and doing, which leads to high quality outcomes.

Our artists will work towards exhibiting or distributing the project work, and work collaboratively with our other departments to achieve high impact results.

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