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Coaching is an empowering tool to help individuals realise and reach their potential. Our coaching service is designed to stimulate and enable thought processes, which leads to personal growth and change, and explores emotions, goals, barriers and motivations in a comfortable, safe and supportive environment. Emphasis is placed on the participant as the driver of change and discovery so the sessions are appropriately paced to allow the participant to make progress in their own time.

Coaching is different to mentoring and it is important to try and identify which support you need or prefer. We can help you do this. You can follow the link below for more details on the difference between coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is more structured than mentoring and can focus on specific areas or issues whereas mentoring can be informal and more evocative. With the nature of coaching, the coach does not necessarily have to have a background in the participant’s field or circumstances, whereas with mentoring, the mentor is usually someone more senior and with more experience within the same sector or background as the participant.

Among other things, coaching can help you;

  • identify and evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  • explore and identify career goals
  • identify actions and support to help you get where you want to go
  • clear the professional path on the way to your dream job
  • help you to plan your recovery from disease and illness
  • realise your potential
  • make positive and lasting change
  • to be self-confident
  • to be self accepting
  • to learn to love yourself and to feel loved and accepted

Union Street works with a pool of experienced coaches that specialise in;

  • professional and career development
  • health and wellbeing
  • dealing with chronic disease and illness
  • confidence building
  • improving self-esteem
  • working with creative industry professionals or those entering the creative industry
  • working with young people

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