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About us

Union Street is a unique Manchester based company combining social development with media and creative approaches in an innovative way. We started developing in late 2008 from a spare bedroom and now occupy two floors of a Victorian semi – we’ve come a long way!

Our vision is to create social initiatives and integrated multichannel campaigns that lead to significant and sustainable changes in the world. We work with forward-thinking, people-centred and visionary organisations that share our desire for a more just and equal world. Truth, honesty, trust and participation are central to any work that we do.

We partner with leaders of community development, policy, research, training and consultancy in Manchester to provide an excellent range of professional services. We mainly work with the community and voluntary sector, public sector, social enterprises, corporate sponsors and local communities.

But don’t be fooled by our visionary and slightly hippy-ish tone; we have a very real understanding of the world, country and city we live in and frank attitude to negotiating it. We understand the harsh realities of complex urban environments – we know where and how our children are being failed – we see and feel the normalised societal and institutional discrimination – we hear the frustrations of tired community and public sector workers.

That’s why our ideas are rooted in a holistic understanding and alternative world-view. We have the ability to understand and learn about the weird and the wonderful and are curious about everything in between. Our passion and drive to inspire change makes us great at what we do.