Homelessness Documentary Coming Soon

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… A new Union Street Documentary in it’s final stages…

Did you know that statutory homeless acceptances have increased by 41% since 2010? Or how about that nationally, rough sleeping has increased by 55% since 2010? How about the fact that a person sleeping rough costs between £8,605 and £35,000 a year in crime, emergency health and social care services alone. When it costs £8888.52 on average for a year’s rent – why do local authority policy makers choose to keep support to the homeless “meaningless” (quotate from Home Office)?

This is what we’ll be bringing to you next year when we expose the honest truth about about what organisations, policy makers and the homeless themselves think about this dire situation.

How has this snow-balled into a 3 year quest to uncover the socio-economic arrangements of homelessness for Director Roop Sagar and Producer James Meehan? Whilst out filming, the duo happened upon a former soldier who was suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and had become homeless. During a lengthy conversation about how and why he had found himself in this predicament, he discussed what services were available and what he hoped for in the future.

After such an emotional and thought provoking conversation, the team decided to investigate further and try to find out who and why people become homeless, what people who find themselves in such a situation can expect life to be like and what assistance is out there for them.  Talking to those without a home and those who choose where they go, this film uncovers the harsh reality facing todays homeless and why we shouldn’t turn away.

They also started to research and speak with Manchester’s top decision makers having to read between the lines in an attempt to understand what is really going on, as indirect answering and censored answers from top policy makers has made it difficult to be in the full picture…

What is emerging is a dark and scary snapshot of homelessness in the UK today, the questionable moral undertone and helplessness that permeates authoritative structures today. Is this something I really want to be part of is a question we put to viewers.

Unlike so many other media companies we don’t wait for clients to ask us to tell a story. We’ve always maintained a strong social consciousness, so if there’s an issue that needs to be to raised we don’t need a pay cheque to tell it. This project is funded by ourselves, there’s no other interests at play here. That’s the beauty of being a social enterprise – income we get form our clients can be used to pay for important social projects, this being one of them.

Watch out for the documentary coming next year year… For more information, or to get involved, contact Roop on, James on or call them on 0161 877 3124.