Union Street’s PC Support and Repair Service

Suffering from a stuttering Skype over this festive period? Not sure if you’re going to make that Xmas deadline?  Want to start the new year with a super fast computer? Or just want to get the most out of your PC?

Here at Union Street we don’t just provide support for MAC users, we also have a PC Support and Repair service. We can fix your slow computers but also help you improve their functionality, upgrade your systems and even build a computer from scratch! Pretty much most things PC related we can work with.

As with all our work, we abide by a very strict ethics code so you never have to worry about extortionate prices. Give us a call on 0161 877 3124 for a free telephone consultation and assessment and we’ll be able to give you a quote form there.

So don’t suffer at the hands of your slow PC give us a call instead!

PC Repair poster