Union Street’s new incubation… the Earth Clinic soft launches

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For a year our little wellness squirrels have been scurrying around gathering earthly resources, problem solving routes to success and making small steps towards new ideas, people and places… the reason being… Earth Clinic.

Brainchild of our directors Natasha and Roop,this new offspring of Union Street is the new health and wellbeing strand of work that makes us what we call a ‘Company for Life’ – a holistic organisation that is providing innovative solutions to the meaningful development of people, society, the economy, environment and more. So we help organisations and people to promote their work and spread knowledge; we do grassroots community and social work; and now we tackle root causes of ill health and encourage vitality through health, wellbeing and spirituality. You don’t get more holistic than this!

We believe that the human experience is to learn, evolve, share, love and be and we see our role as supporting that journey.

We provide a range of holistic and accessible services that assist people’s health and wellbeing. We promote vitality and healing and we share our knowledge through our professionally trained, loving and compassionate practitioners.

Our philosophy is to understand the person as a whole and look at their health and wellbeing in its entirety, with the aim of devising protocols that incorporate different therapeutic objectives and forms of healing according to the individual’s needs.

Whilst we feel that tackling issues, such as isolation, marginalisation, discrimination, voicelessness, inequality and poverty, is important, we also see an urgent need to understand and address the root causes of these issues. We believe that the root causes of many of our most critical issues can be found in the physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing of people, communities, society and the earth.

Our health and wellbeing practice was founded in 2014, drawing experience and knowledge from a vast range of disciplines, energy healing systems, evidence-bases and techniques, such as naturopathic nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, reiki, kundalini yoga, shamanism, quantum field healing, crystal healing, meditation and sacred geometry.

The Earth Clinic’s products & services are listed below:

Reiki – taking bookings now

Crystal therapy – taking bookings now

Naturopathic nutrition – training coming soon

Hopi ear candle therapy – taking bookings in February

Personal & professional development coaching – taking bookings now

Spiritual guidance – taking bookings now

Campaign/project management – taking bookings now

Training – training launching mid Jan 2016

Resources – launching on website in March

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Stay tuned in to what is going on with Earth Clinic through our Facebook and Twitter Profiles – our website will be launching soon!

If you’d like any information or to book in with one of our practitioners, call the office on 0161 877 3124 or email info@unionstreetmediaarts.com