Top Antivirus Suites

These days you can’t go a week without hearing about some sort of cyber attack going on in the world.  Whilst most of the ones you hear about involve big companies and vast quantities of data, never forget that these ‘hacks’ began with just individuals being targeted and whilst these big companies make the news, individuals are still being targeted. A lot of these cyber invasions involve virus that capitalise on any vulnerabilities in your computer system., these viruses can do anything from just slowing your computer down to opening up a virtual door for someone to come and have a rummage around your files.

Our IT Guru has done a lot of research into this and put together a short fact sheet detailing his top 3 best anti-virus suites on the market today.  And MAC users, gone are the days when people didn’t target you, there’s are top three Antivirus suites for MACs too.

When it computers to computer protection it is far better to defend yourself from attack than to try and cure yourself once the virus has got in.

Anti virus suites poster FC

Anti virus suites poster BC


Click here to download the factsheet