‘Save The Bee’ – Campaign Film

Bee campaign film

At Union Street, we’re passionate about our planet and preserving it for our future generations. Nothing is more at the heart of this than the plight of the bee.

We have created this film to raise awareness on the current issue which is the massive decline of the Bee population. This is a crucial problem facing humanity. If the Bees disappear the human race will struggle. See it here.

Certain flowers, plants & trees will never grow again if the Bee is not helped and supported. Bees are critical pollinators vital to the eco system which we live in.

Maybe we are higher up on the food chain but if the Bees were to die out we would certainly feel the effect. Plants & animals which we have within our own diets would disappear.

We have no real way of knowing what devastation this will cause to the planet.

One of the main reason this is happening is the over use of Pesticides and Insecticides. These have dramatic affects on the situation. They effects the Bees brains causing brain damage and instant death. This leads to all sorts of bad outcomes.

So lets take some action now and stop this before its too late. WATCH THE FILM NOW.

First step is to sign the 38 Degrees petition to ban the use of these horrible chemicals. Please share the film wherever you can and get the word out.

Please click the link below and sign;



Here are some helpful websites which give tips and info on saving the Bee in your own garden: