Celebrating the Creative Breaks Programme

Creative Breaks is a pioneering career development programme for unemployed and underemployed people in Greater Manchester who want to pursue a career in the arts, culture, digital media and community engagement/development sectors. We were lucky to receive funding from the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities to develop and run this programme with PANDA and now Year 1 is coming to an end…

We’re celebrating the work that has been achieved by the participants, and showcasing the work we’ve been up to on the 11th December! See the event invitation below – join us for a pre-Christmas drink?! Book on at bit.ly/1PQMQRn

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About Creative Breaks

In July and August, people from all over Greater Manchester applied to be part of this year’s programme. We are delighted to have accepted just under 20 applicants to benefit from this programme over the next 6 months and have an incredible variety of training, support and work experience to offer them.

The programme started with an intensive 2 week training programme that covered personal development, community engagement, project management and film production.

Following the training programme, the applicants form groups and develop a proposal for a “campaign” to raise the profile of a social issue, a cultural organisation, a creative idea, an environment or a group.

Their objective is to find something that is not visible and make it visible locally, nationally and internationally in order to raise awareness of it, make it heard, and/or attract attention, visitors or investment to it.

As part of the campaign the participants must identify their audience or potential audience and how they will target them. Part of their focus will be on promoting to people within and outside of Greater Manchester with the aim to encourage people to uptake more cultural activities and visit areas within Greater Manchester.

The campaigns that the participants choose will highlight the richness of culture, sport, environmental and business in these areas and promote them locally, national and internationally therefore reducing social exclusion, opening up communities and encouraging the uptake of services and activities in those areas. This will make communities more visited, proud and promoted, therefore more inclusive, also impacting upon the economy and pride of place.

With more people visiting and moving around different communities as a result of the young people’s campaigns and films as well as the uptake of activities, and a new awareness of what communities have to offer, community cohesion will no doubt see a long lasting and sustained positive change.

To mark the end of the project and exhibit the work, we are planning a Celebration Event on Friday December 11th in the city centre of Manchester. This will be a chance to watch the films the groups have created, hear and see some fantastic speakers and performers and network with leading organisations in the social and cultural sector of Greater Manchester.

We have also been invited to exhibit our work at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2016! We need to fundraise a little more to get us all there for a couple of night and will be reaching out to you all for donations and support!

For the DEDICATED PROJECT BLOG, with lots of articles on the different groups, project approach, organisations inovled and much much more, VISIT to www.creativebreaksblog.wordpress.com

This is a partnership project between Panda Arts and Union Street with the funding coming from the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities.

Get in contact with Sue from Panda Arts panda.suec@gmail.com or Natasha from Union Street natasha@unionstreetmediaarts.com or 07595 583822/0161 877 3124.



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